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Adriatic Sea Windrose


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The 8 point Adriatic Sea Windrose
unisex dark blue t-shirt features the Croatian names for the varying winds.

Tramontana - A cold, moderate northern Adriatic wind, with occasional gusts, that blows across the mountains.

Bura – The strongest of the Adriatic winds. This is a dry, very cold north-eastern wind with violent, variable direction, gusts.

Levanat - A moderate easterly Adriatic wind that carries clouds, moisture and rain.

Jugo - Široko – A south-eastern Adriatic wind which brings rain and poor weather conditions.

Jugo - Oštro – A moderate to strong southern Adriatic wind.

Lebić - A south-western, mostly winter Adriatic wind that brings extremely rough seas. and rainfall.

Pulenat - An infrequent western Adriatic wind.

Maestral - A generally pleasant north-western summer breeze that peaks in the afternoon and fades at sunset.


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